Recommended Books On Grace
Books in this category show what it is like to live under grace. Not only that we are saved by grace, but that we continue to live and approach God by his grace, mindful of what Jesus has done for us. These books give a great foundation on which to base your Christian life. 
Classic Christianity

Bob George (1991)
A call to return to 'Classic Christianity' where grace and not the law reigns. Very Christ centered with great illustrations and every day examples. Easy to read and useful for all ages of Christians. Highly recommended.
Grace Plus Nothing

Jeff Harkin (1990)
A series of short devotional thoughts on grace that came out of this pastors' own failure at living the Christian life in his own strength. Quick easy reading and straight to the point. Good insight into why understanding grace is so essential in the Christians' life.
The Liberation of Planet Earth

Hal Lindsey (1974)
Not dealing just with grace but presents a clear understanding on both the need for and the results from, Jesus' death on the cross. Goes into both the problem of sin and the complete solution that God has provided in Jesus. 
Growing in Grace

Bob George
A follow up to his earlier book Classic Christianity, this book is about true growth - its all about keeping our eyes off ourselves and on Jesus in the midst of life's problems. Again, very refreshing and practical giving real life answers to real life problems.

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